A revolutionary WebRTC platform concept

elasticRTC is a software stack that executes into your AWS account bringing unlimited real-time communication capabilities to your applications.

With elasticRTC you can leverage all the power of AWS (Amazon Web Services) for having your own WebRTC platform. Use the elasticRTC APIs and integrate advanced video and audio communications in your Web and mobile applications without headaches. All the advantages of using a third-party WebRTC API platform without any of its drawbacks and at an amazingly low cost.


elasticRTC horizontal scaling mechanisms dynamically adapt your AWS cloud size to the needs of your applications. Never worry about scalability again.

Amazingly cheap

elasticRTC costs the same than the AWS computing resources you consume. The cheapest WebRTC platform in the market. Compatible with all business models.

Develop without problems

Forget about complexities: no more headaches with NATS, firewals, deployments and configurations. Eliminate all risks: elasticRTC just works.

All the features

All the capabilities you need: multiparty audio and video conferencing, recording, playing, transcoding, media interoperability, quality monitoring and much more.

elasticRTC features


 Complete WebRTC suite

 Web SDKs

 Android and iOS SDKs (comming soon)

 Full ICE/STUN/TURN support

 DataChannel support



 Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)

 Media Swithcing Mixer (MSM)

 Media Mixing Mixer (MMM)

 Multiparty mobile and Web SDKs

Recording and playing

 Full support for WebM/MP4

 S3 recorder and player

 HTTP recorder and player

 RTSP player

 Seekable player


 H.264/VP9/VP8 transcoding

 RTP transparent gateway

 RTMP interoperability

 VoIP interoperability

 IMS interoperability

Getting started with elasticRTC

Just follow three simple steps

1. Create you AWS account

1. Create you AWS account

All the guarantees of AWS

The elasticRTC capabilities are grown into your very own AWS resources and are invoiced through the AWS Marketplace. Use the AWS Management Console to control your spending limits and configurations.

2. Start your elasticRTC cloud

2. Start your elasticRTC cloud

As simple as executing a script

For starting elasticRTC you just need to execute a script providing your AWS credentials. You can set your preferences including the scaling limits, the instance types, the regions to deploy and your security configurations.

3. Develop your services

3. Develop your services

Simple yet powerful APIs

Once elasticRTC starts, you can develop your applications using a powerful yet simple API (Application Programming Interface) based on the Kurento software stack. Fully customize your services in a seamless, efficient and secure way.

Try elasticRTC now


elasticRTC costs the same than the AWS instances you use

elasticRTC uses the AWS Marketplace for adding that extra cost to your AWS bill. You can customize your costs by selecting the appropriate instance types. You can also set cost and scalability limits both at the AWS console or through the elasticRTC tool.

Check the princing table

Need help?

Try elasticRTC professional services and let us solve your problems.

elasticRTC professional services


 24x7 support


 root cause analysis


 architecture design

 strategic advice

 design for interoperability


 getting started

 advanced administration

 advanced development


 application design

 application development

 service optimization

Information for developers

elasticRTC is for developers. As a WebRTC platform, it exposes a set of APIs enabling the embedding of real-time multimedia communications in all types of applications.

The elasticRTC documentation contains all the information developers need for learning how to develop elasticRTC enabled services.

Check the elasticRTC documentation


elasticRTC is a scalable, extended and improved version of Kurento Media Server specifically optimized for AWS.

elasticRTC has been brought to you and is maintained by the Kurento development team. The experience of more than 500 companies using Kurento during years supports elasticRTC as one of the most mature WebRTC solutions in the market. When using elasticRTC you not only enjoy one of the cheapest and more flexible WebRTC plaforms, but you also contribute to the sustainability of the WebRTC Open Source ecosystem.


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